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April 15, 2011

Treat Yourself to a Tea Bath

It is so important to take care of yourself and your body, especially in this crazy world in which we live. Because there is so much going on, you need to relax and treat yourself to something special.

At Red Leaf Tea, we have a special line of Teas dedicated to your body’s relaxation. Our Tea for Bath collection is wonderful and allows you to take care of your body in a different way than just ingesting a good Tea. With our Bath Teas, you get to soak in Tea that has been specially designed to help heal your body and help you relax naturally. Our Bath Teas come in several different varieties you will love and that you will always want to treat yourself to. These [...]

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April 10, 2011

New Matcha-style Teas

What exactly is Matcha style? It is the process in which Matcha is made. This is a stone grinding process in which tea leaves are ground by stone to a fine powder. One of the major benefits of Matcha style teas is that they have all the healthful qualities as though they were still in their original leaf form. Our newest Matcha-style teas include:

Black Matcha Pu Erh Matcha White Matcha Oolong Matcha Matcha-style Jasmine

With all these different varieties, you can now enjoy Matcha-style tea powder at a great price. Try our Matcha-style teas today!

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April 6, 2011

Spotlight: Sugar Destroyer Matcha

For those of you who are watching your sugar intake, our Sugar Destroyer Matcha is just what you need. In regular or USDA-organic varieties, this unique Matcha Tea has Gymnema Sylvestre. This herb does a few things to help with sugar intake such as:

Regulates blood sugar levels Curbs  appetite for sweets and goodies Helps maintain a healthy body weight Helps maintain regular levels of cholesterol

Stay happy and healthy with our Gymnema Sylvestre Matcha. Easily maintain normal cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels with this amazing Matcha Tea.

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